turtle reggie

colorful photo of turtle as afro reggie person seating at the beach and smoking weed, 8k, super fine detailes, wide screen, stunning sunset --ar 9:6 --q 2 --s 250 --style raw

corgi blue ocean

photo of dog welsh corgi seat on the send looking into the blue ocean water, photo done from the ocean, fashion style colors, bright, wide lense, super detailed --q 2 --s 250

fat and funny cat

photo of a with human body, singing with microphone and dancing, full body, dark room with disco lights, cinematic --ar 9:6 --q 2 --s 250

photo of amazing young lady in swimsuit seating on balkony in santorini, greece, sea and sanotini in background, telephoto lense, hard dramatic light, realistic, cinematic, vivid colors, 4k --ar 9:6 --q 2 --s 250

photo of adorable fluffy puppies with big eyes sitting on a huge cheese and drinking milk, green vegitables, white background with blue tones, very bright light, super fine details, 8k --ar 9:6 --q 2 --s 250

brutal bald men b/w

photo portrait head shot brutal bald men with beard, black and white, minimal --q 2 --s 250 --v 5.2