photo of large living room, corgi puppy sleepy on a sofa, looking at the camera, sleepy expression, half closed eyes, modern minimalistic style furniture, soft warm light, wide lens, sharp, studio controlled light, realistic, super find details, big window with summer weather and park view, corgi reflected in window reflection, peaceful mood, cinematic, 4k --ar 9:6 --s 250 --style raw


realistic photo of a colorful amazing mushroom in the rain forest, small cute magical creature sniffing mushroom, water with reflection, huge rain drops, vivid colors, indian summer style, wide zoom photo, cinematic, 4k --ar 9:6 --s 250 --style raw

studio photo of alien non existing creature half body sitting and posing on a big fancy modern chair, fashion vouge stile solid background photo, super realistic with fine details --ar 9:6 --s 250 --style raw

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realistic photo of alien posing and smoking, Giger style, full body, seating on a big modern minimalistic chair, fashion style, solid background, dark modern apartment, 4k, --ar 9:6 --s 250 --style raw

super realistic photo of amazing summer evening forest, small happy human boy and cute fluffy welsh corgi puppy, walking in the forest looking at the camera, on forest trail, happy expression, very colorful and warm lights, very soft light, red and yellow colors indian summer sunset, super realistic photo, cinematic, 4k, --ar 9:6 --s 250

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very realistic photo with black young woman in bikini laying on a marble floor near huge big fluffy white dog, sleepy and happy expression, fashion black-white photo, super fine details, minimal style living room, modern, cinematic, hard light, 4k, --ar 9:6 --s 250

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photo portrait, very tired superman seating in coffee with cup of coffee and cigarete, tired expression, big wood table, big windows with reflection, autumn romantic sunset light, looking at the camera, urban, minimal --ar 9:6 --s 250 --style raw

joker in Moscow

photo of a joker from batmen movie walking in moscow red square, soviet style 70's poster colors, urban moscow background, looking stright at the camera --q 2 --s 250

lazy dog and cat

realistic photo of lazy dog and cat laying down in the living room, romantic style, photo realistic, 4k, cinematic, warn colors --ar 9:6 --q 2 --s 250

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photo of dark cozy room and open window with stars, cute dog and cat sleeping on a sofa, adorable expression, moonlight, photo realistic, wide lense, 8k