Resume – Mike Bogdanovsky

D.O.B: October, 1978
phone: (+972) 052-5797093
address: Rosh haAyin, Israel, central distinct


Seasoned R&D Director with 25 years of experience. Expert in solving complex problems at scale in both startups and large corporations. Known for turning ideas into market-ready products, fostering team collaboration, and navigating dynamic business environments with agility. Committed to driving innovation and achieving tangible growth.

Employment history


Apr 2022 – Current

R&D Director, GenAI Solutions for CX

Aug 2023 – Current

  • Spearheaded the launch and execution of backend infrastructure, including the development of generic APIs for Large Language Models (LLM) integration.
  • Assembled and led a proficient team from the ground up, establishing comprehensive application lifecycle processes.
  • Successfully managed and delivered a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to production within stringent timelines, demonstrating effective project management and leadership.
  • Pioneered innovative strategies and solutions, contributing to the advancement and growth of the GenAI business line within the corporate structure.
R&D Director, APA

Apr 2022 – Aug 2023

  • Lead a global team of 50-60 professionals spanning multiple countries and time zones, ensuring cohesive collaboration despite geographical differences.
  • Manage a diverse set of roles, including group leads, system architects, DevOps and QA managers.
  • Oversee all recruitment processes, securing top talent and making strategic personnel decisions.
  • Ensure projects are executed on schedule while upholding the highest quality standards.
  • Drive the advancement of engineering practices and processes throughout the organization.
  • Offer consistent mentorship, nurturing growth and fostering professional development among team members.

Group Lead, Align Technology (3 yrs 5 mos)

Dec 2018 – Apr 2022

  • Headed multiple teams, with a mix of local and overseas units, overseeing the entirety of web frontend components.
  • Spearheaded the architecture and design of new projects, ensuring innovations were consistently at the forefront.
  • Directly managed team leaders, each overseeing a team of 5-7 members, establishing a structure for efficient delegation and monitoring.
  • Ensured complete ownership of web components by the group, guiding projects from inception to production.
  • Operated in a competitive yet conservative dental intra-oral scanner industry, placing utmost priority on cutting-edge technology and unparalleled quality to meet stringent business demands.

Showbox (5 yrs 8 mos)

Jan 2013 – Aug 2018


Apr 2016 – Aug 2018 (2 yrs 5 mos)

  • Collaborated closely with the business side to shape the company’s technological future, ensuring strategic alignment with business goals.
  • Played a pivotal role in product evolution and spearheaded initiatives to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Apr 2013 – Mar 2016 (3 yrs 3 mos)

  • Successfully built and led a team from scratch, focusing on the development of a groundbreaking platform for studio-quality video creation in web browsers.
  • Oversaw design, architecture, and the end-to-end development process, blending hands-on technical work with managerial responsibilities.
  • Played a central role in the hiring process, bringing on board key talents to bolster the startup’s growth and product delivery.

CEO & CO-Founder, Datablock Ltd (6 yrs 6 mos)

Jan 2012 – Jun 2018

  • Founded and led Datablock, navigating all core business operations from lead generation to finalizing deals and setting long-term strategic objectives.
  • Specialized in offering outsourced developer services tailored to both startups and corporates, aligning with clients’ specific demands.
  • Prominently positioned the company in two niche services:
    1. Augmenting existing teams to accelerate project delivery.
    2. Serving as the primary development force for startups without a technical department, focusing on delivering MVPs or production-ready alpha versions based on their visions.
  • Emphasized end-to-end project delivery, ensuring client needs were met from inception to completion.
  • Proudly served industry leaders and renowned companies, including Wix, Motorola, Memomi, LogOn, AnyTrack, among others.

Earlier Career Highlights (12 yrs)

2000 – 2012

I bring an additional 12 years of diverse experience spanning various roles in both small startups and large corporations. For a detailed view of my earlier roles and contributions, please visit my LinkedIn profile.
  • Innovid, Lead Front-end Developer
  • SohoOS, Lead full-stack engineer
  • AOL (5min), Senior R&D Engineer
  • Xwise (The Nation Traffic), Team Lead, Frontend developer
  • Microsoft, Build Engineer (devops)
  • Gteko, Team Lead, Content developer
  • All-4-Web Development and Design Studio, Owner